Dead Squirrel SFX Taxidermy Doll from "The Undead" Feature Film
SFX Stunt Set Up of Intestines and Organs for Dream Sequence from "The Undead" Feature Film 
Prop Fabrications from "Jinx" Short Film
Dead Maggot cat complete with real live maggots & mutilations/ Broken mirror practical SFX
Prop Services Include*
- Taxidermy
-Body Appendages
-SFX Coordination/ Management
-Blood Spatters
-Handling live bugs
-Hyper-Realistic Gore
-Bodily Fluids of many Varieties (Edible or Not Edible)
-Oddities made from recycled objects
-Stuffed animal constructions
- Dolls and other various toys
-Custom Art Pieces for Set Dec
- Fake Edible non- foods (edible deodorant, paint, laundry detergent, etc) 
*Not limited to
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